Front DESK Architects in Jaipur is consortium of following services , under one roof.

Architectural Consultancy 

We have team of Architects having vast experience in field of architectural consultancy, green and sustainable architecture.

Town Planning

We have experienced team of planners having successfully completed residential schemes and master plans of institutional projects.

Structure Design Consultancy 

We are associates with structure designers having vast experience in long spans, using PT slabs and beam.

Interior Design Consultancy 

We do interior designing at initial levels of planning a new project, so that after construction work the changes are minimized.

MEP (Mechnical Electrical and Plumbing )consultancy

Air conditioning , HVAC , Air cooling , Electrical layout and plumbing layout are designed and supervised by experienced engineers team.

Do Work in Team

We believe in working in a team …

The chief assets FD Architects can offer a Client are the qualities of vision, creativity, design skill and professional expertise.

  • Vision: FD Architects brings to a project their vision. This includes an ability to visualise opportunities and options, and to explore the potential of a site.
  • Design Skill: We then utilise our design skill to translate the Client’s aspirations into three-dimensional form. This form is a response to both the brief and the environment (the Site). This is a unique and valuable skill that FD Architect acquires as a result of extensive training and day-to-day experience of the complicated building process.
  • Comprehensive Professional Service: Vision and design skill are complemented by FD Architects professional approach. Unlike many other building industry professionals, FD Architects possess a broad base of skills – from design through to project development, cost analysis, contract management and space planning. FD Architects are trained to take an overview of the entire building process. No other professional can offer such a comprehensive service.
  • Responsibility: FD Architects is responsive, responsible and accountable to the Client throughout the life of the project- from concept to completion and sometimes even beyond, which leaves the Client free from too many tensions.
  • Creativity: FD Architects has an intelligent and inquiring open-mindedness, which fosters creativity. We are also analytical and can evaluate objectively each fresh idea we produce. We have a four-dimensional concept of scale; three of space and one of time.

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