Building Construction Systems as Wall, Foundation, Roof, Structural Glazing.

Foundation System

The foundation system for a building is the critical link in the transmission of building loads from superstructure to ground. Raft , Pile, Pad, Strip etc. are differnet types of foundations commonly used.

Wall System

Wall Systems are necessary to protect us from weather, animal, To divide the areas, Act as sound barriers, As fire walls to attenuate the spread of fire from one building unit to another, Separate the interior spaces, To improve the building appearance and many others.

Roof System

Whether you are a building owner, design professional or a roofing contractor, choosing the right commercial roofing system for your building or project is one of the most important decisions you will make. The right roofing system will protect your investment for decades, while the wrong roofing system could result in costly repairs, damage to the building and its contents and possibly an early tear-off and re-roof.

Window System

CPWD has standardised the sizes of door and window in government residential buildings and for dissemination of this information, the organisation is bringing out a manual.

Structural Glazing System

Structural Glazing is a specialized curtain walling system. It allows perfect uniform large glazed spaces that are not interrupted by traditional frames or any other supporting or fitting system projecting out of the pane of the glass.

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