Types of Kitchen

Kitchen work triangle : The three main functions in a kitchen are storage, preparation, and cooking. The work at one place should not interfere with work at another place. A natural arrangement is a triangle, with the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove at a vertex each.Common kitchen forms characterized by the arrangement of the kitchen […]

Types of Ceilings

Ceilings Ceilings have frequently been decorated with fresco painting,  mosaic tiles and other surface treatments. While hard to execute a decorated ceiling has the advantage that it is largely protected from damage by fingers and dust. Its quality finishing attach housing additional comfort and elegance, and the high reflecting ability of the ceiling (not necessarily white) can substantially save […]

Color Effects

Effect of color on Interior Design The following chart list colors in the spectrum and their response Red In general, this color is interpreted as warm or hot. These hues come from the longer wavelengths of the spectrum. Warm colors from this area of the palette include raspberry, strawberry, cherry, watermelon, rouge, geranium, cranberry, maroon, burgundy, […]

Interior Design Principles

Principles of Design SizeScaleProportionHarmony, Unity, Variety, ContrastBalanceRhythmEmphasisPattern and Ornament Size Things are large or small in relative terms. A large living room is smaller than a large church, but appears large in relation to an adjacent small entrance hall. Scale It is the proper proportion of an object to all other objects, to human beings […]

Interior Design Elements

Elements of Design Space Point Line Shape (2D) Form (3D) Colour  Texture Space The area a designer is given to work with,The area between objects in a room,The basic space problems people encounter include having too much or, more often, not having enough.Space is probably the most important element of design. It gives us the […]

Interior Design Basics

Design Basics Interior design is a complex subject involving many related considerationsBuilding structureFunctional planningConcern with spatial form in 3DRelationship of one space to anotherPlacement of solid objects (furniture and accessories) within larger spacesEffects of color, light, pattern and texture. Design All of the decisions that determine how a particular object, space, or building will be, […]