The Understanding and Application of Basic Building Materials like Stone, Brick, Cement, Mud,Lime, Glass, Timber, Wood, Metals and their IS codes.

Ferrous Metal and alloy 

Steel, nickel, cobalt, cast iron, iron, iron ores, properties of ferrous metals.

NonFerrous Metal and alloy 

Aluminum , copper , zinc, tin , magnesium , brass , bronze, properties of non ferrous metals.

Ferro Cement

Ferrocement is a thin composite made with a cement-based mortar matrix reinforced with closely spaced layers of small diameter wire mesh.

Wall and Wood Finishing

Types of paint and their use and application technique are discussed in following presentation. Types of Wood Finishes and coating and their use, comparison and application method are also presented

Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Materials

Common thermal insulation materials like SPF , PUR/PIF , MEPS , XEPS , ICF, SIP, OSB , Blanket and butt insulation are discussed. Common sound insulation like acoustical board , acoustic hanger geocoustic tiles and diffusers are enumerated, NRC, STC in short

Damp and Water Insulation Materials

Types of dampness , Causes of dampness , effects of dampness and remedial measures are discussed

Fire Insulation – Fire Proof Finishing Materials

Fire resistive material,Finish, fire protection and alarm systems


“Glass is a solid that possesses no long range atomic order and, upon heating, gradually softens to the molten state.”

Wood Paneling and staircase

use and type of wood paneling are enumerated in following presentation In addition to this type and use of wooden staircase are discussed.

Precast Construction

The concept of precast (prefabricated) construction includes those buildings where the majority of structural components are standardized and produced in plants in a location away from the building, and then transported to the site for assembly.

Fine and Coarse Aggregate

Aggregates are inert granular materials such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone that, along with water and portland cement, are an essential ingredient in concrete

Anti Termite Measures

Termite control in building is very important as damage likely to be caused by termites is huge . we discuss here in following slides about physical and chemical measures of anti termite treatment as per IS CODE 6313 (PART1)2001


Due to one man’s persistent, wise, skilful and persuasive efforts, mud has been restored as a worthy construction material. Architect Laurie Baker spent lonely and long years perfecting the skills required to build lasting mud houses.

Lime as Construction Material

LIME : The time tested construction material its classification , application , advantage and field test.

Stone Types

There are three main types of stones: Igneous – formed when molten rock cools, Sedimentary – formed by the “cementing together” of small grains of sediment and Metamorphic – rocks changed by the effect of heat and pressure.

 Floor Finish Materials

Flooring like Concrete flooring (Vacuum Dewatered flooring), Terrazzo (marble Chips ) Flooring, Glazed Ceramic Tile, PVC sheet (tile) Flooring ( Vinyl Flooring), Carpet, Marble, Wood – parquet, Mosaic, Timber, Rubber flooring,Linoleum flooring.


Plastics, because of its many attractive properties, such as lightweight, high strength and ease of processing, meet a large share of the materials needs of man, and that too at a comparatively lesser cost and causing lesser environmental implications.Thermoplastics, Thermosets and elastomers are main types of plastics.


THE MATERIAL WOOD IS: Strong, Light, Easily handled, worked, & shaped, Fastened quickly & economically, Recyclable, Biodegradable, A renewable resource

Ply and Board

PLY & Boards are sheet material which have been made from natural wood. These include : 1.Plywood 2. Block board 3. Chipboard 4.MDF. 5. Hard Board.


The name “cement” refer to the material manufacture from lime stone and clay and made available in powder form, which mixed with water can set to hard durable mass even under water.

Brick Types 

Sand lime brick, mortar brick, clay brick, brick masonary, flemish bond, english bond, Stretcher Bond

Metal Hardware

Rough and finish metal hardware and their finishes available in market

Prestressed Concrete

Pre tensioning, Post tensioning, Abutment, strut, mould and long line methods, bounded and unbounded post tensioning

Construction Materials

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