• Foundations on natural drains of water should be avoided.
  • There should be no trees or their roots near the area where foundations are to be provided
  • Anti termite treatment should essentially be done in a proper and prescribed manner.
  • Proper shuttering should be provided on the side walls of foundations to prevent soil caving.
  • The reinforcement bars to be provided for seismic strengthening should be properly embedded in the foundation as per directions
  • Brick should be properly soaked in water before use. Similarly stones should be washed before use.
  • The base concrete to be provided should be 7.5 cm to 15 cm (3″ to 6″) more on either side of the foundation design width.
  • The base concrete should also be cured and rammed properly before commencement of work either for brick/stone foundation or for foundations in concrete
  • Reinforcement Cover : The steel reinforcement for foundations in concrete should be provided as per design and placed with a proper cover.
  • Construction in plumb : The foundations and super structure should be constructed in an absolutely vertical manner.

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