These links can be used to refer to Jaipur Building Bye Laws and other laws, notifications, circulars and relevant extracts. Its for you we have compiled this directory. By using this you can save time and increase your efficiency.

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Jaipur Building (Bye Laws)Acts and Regulations

Building Bye Laws are tools used to regulate coverage, height, building bulk and architectural design and construction aspects of buildings so as to achieve orderly development of an area within a city/state.

These are formulated and implemented by local authorities for application within their respective limits. Each local Authority follows the Municipality Act for its area. Building Bye Laws are essentially based on the National Building Code. Local government authorities have the power to implement and enforce these procedures.

Latest updates (amendments)of JDA Building Byelaws (September 2013) : Amendments in JDA building byelaws September 2013 :

Updates (amendments) of JDA Building Byelaws (August 2013) : Amendments in JDA building byelaws August 2013…. 

Reserved price for schemes and colonies decided by the Authority under Urban Land Disposal Rules,(working Committee Development Authority Jaipur held on 27-11-2009). : Reserved prices for schemes and colonies. …. 

Building By-Laws (Regulations) 2010 by Jaipur Development Authority (Jaipur Region) : Building By-Laws 2010 by JDA 

Policy Regarding Regularization of Non-Residential Activities in Residential Premises : Policy Regarding Regularization of Non-Residential Activities in Residential Premises….

The Master Development Plan for Jaipur Region prepared for the horizon year 2025 covers all aspects of development including transportation, infrastructure (sewer, drainage, water and electricity), environmental protection, and land uses (residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, etc.) : Master Development Plan 2025 ….

Standard Drawings of Root Water Harvesting Structure (RWHS) : Root Water Harvesting Structure (RWHS)….

PWD BSR (Building Schedule Rate) 2010 Jaipur Buildings : PWD BSR 2010 ….

Jaipur BSR (Electrical)2008 : BSR Electrical 2008….

National Building Space Standards and Planning Guidelines

Office spaces are an environment in which people spend a large part of their day for productive work. The entire work space should bring out the best in people, in addition to being easily accessible to all, self-sustaining and efficient in energy and water use. Safety is another issue that needs to be taken care of.

With the advancement of technological options now available, a need was felt to prepare a Handbook, which will give us an overview about the new possibilities that have emerged. This publication then, is an initiative towards creating a user-friendly work space, that is modern sustainable and productive.

A Handbook of Planning of Office Buildings ….

Research, evaluation study and updated Model Building Bye Laws to make all public buildings ‘inclusive’ including disabled persons.

This research and building standards and regulations is intended for reference by decision makers and programme personnel working on public buildings, especially those in urban planning and management, architecture, reasearch and training, and NGO networking. Self help organizations of persons with disabilities and accessibility consultants will also find this research and revised building standards and regulations useful.

Space Standards and Planning Guidelines for Public Buildings….

National Building Standards, Codes and Bye-Laws

National Building Code NBC 2005 : NBC 2005 ….

Rules and Regulations for clearance certificate from National Highway Authority Of India : National Highway Authority Of India ….

ITK-BMTPC Earthquake Tips:: Learning Seismic Design and Construction. In all 24 Tips has been released and is targeted at persons interested in building construction. The Tips cover topics such as basic introduction to earthquakes and terminology such as magnitude and intensity, concepts of earthquake resistant design, and aspects of a seismic design and construction of buildings. : ITK-BMTPC Earthquake Tips….

Environmental Clearance

The objectives of the Notification dated 15th September 2006 is to set procedures of environmental clearance before establishment of a project of identified nature and size. The suitability of site for a proposed development is` one of primary concerns in according environmental clearance to a project. This will include detailed examination of the nature of receptors and magnitude of anticipated impact on account of the proposed project.

Environment clearance (MOEF)….

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Guidance Manual for building, construction, townships and area development projects. EIA is to give the environment its due place in the decision-making process by clearly evaluating the environmental consequences of the proposed activity before action is taken. Early identification and characterization of critical environmental impacts allow the public and the government to form a view about the environmental acceptability of a proposed developmental project and what conditions should apply to mitigate or reduce those risks and impacts. Environmental Clearance (EC) for certain developmental projects has been made mandatory by the Ministry of Environment & Forests (MOEF) through its Notification issued on 27.01.1994 under the provisions of Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

Environmental Impact Assessment Guidance (MOEF) ….

Green and Sustainable Building Accreditation Agency

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. It works toward its mission of market transformation through its LEED green building program.

Green Building Accreditation Agency….

AICTE rule and regulations for setting new college

All India Council for Technical Education (Grant of Approvals for technical institutions)1st Amendment regulations 2011

Amendment regulations ….

These regulations may be called the All India Council for Technical Education (Grant of Approvals for technical institutions)regulations. Corrigendum on Regulations of 2011

Corrigendum on Regulations ….

Regulations for Approval Process 2011 – 2012 Part III dated 18.09.2000

Regulations for Approval Process ….

AICTE (Grant of approval for starting new technical institutions, introduction of courses or programmes and approval of intake capacity of seats for the courses or programmes) Amendment Regulations, 2000

AICTE Amendment Regulations, 2000 ….

Standards / Guidelines for Health care buildings (Hospitals, Clinic, PHC)

Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) Guidelines for District Hospitals (101 to 500 Bedded) Revised 2012 : IPHS Guidelines for District Hopsitals ….

Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) Guidelines for Primary Health Centre Revised 2012 : IPHS Guidelines for Primary Health Centre ….

Architects Acts and Regulations

The Architects Act, 1972. An Act to provide for the registration of architects and for matters connected therewith. BE it enacted by Parliament in the Twenty-third Year of the Republic of India as follows : The Architects Act, 1972 ….

Council Of Architecture Regulations, 1982. In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) read with clauses (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f) and (i) of sub-section (2) of section 45 of the Architects Act, 1972 (20 of 1972), the Council of Architecture, with the approval of the Central Government, hereby makes the following regulations : Council Of Architecture Regulations, 1982 ….

Architecture Sites

BMTPC has been working towards operationalising a comprehensive and integrated approach for promotion of cost-effective, environment-friendly & energy-efficient innovative building materials and construction technologies. The technologies promoted by BMTPC were supported by upscaling, mechanization, standardization, dissemination, capacity building and field level application. The efforts of BMTPC are concentrated for creating enabling environment as regards affordable housing and sustainable development.

Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council ….

American Institute of Architects: American Institute of Architects ….

The Indian Institute of Architects: The Indian Institute of Architects ….

Online Architecture Directory ….

Architectural Association School of Architecture : Architectural Association School of Architecture ….

Architectural Information ….

Archiplanet : Archiplanet ….

Great Buildings Online : Great Buildings Online ….

The Royal Australian Institute of Architects : The Royal Australian Institute of Architects ….

‘Whole Building’ Design Techniques and Technologies: ‘Whole Building’ Design Techniques and Technologies ….

Louis Kahn – The Power of Architecture ….

Climate – Building interaction study : Climate – Building interaction study ….

Resources, Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical Applications

Resources, Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical Applications ….


Architecture Resources

Contains links to U.S. and international architect directories; listings of professional organizations; building plans links; academic resources; school directories; career guides and job links; ADA links; magazines and professional journals; architecture archives and photo databases; guides to architecture of different countries, regions and cultures; listservs and forums; great architects’ biographies and resources; buildings and bridges databases; historical resources; and article database organized by dates and topics. 

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

Staff directory includes e-mail addresses; directory of federal, state and tribal historic preservation officers; background information about the National Historic Preservation Program; full text of the National Historic Preservation Act, executive orders and legislative updates; explanatory materials, text and guidance for Section 106 regulations regarding protection of historic properties; archives of significant Section 106 cases since 1966; information about “Introduction to Section 106 Review” course that teaches the Section 106 review process; and federal historic preservation case law.

Affordable Housing Design Advisor 

Design assistance site created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Policy Development and Research. Contains overview of design characteristics; 20 steps to design quality; design considerations checklist; project gallery; indexes of projects by dwelling type or special characteristics; listings of developers/sponsors/development consultants, architects, landscape architects, contractors, management companies, photographers. Tools includes links to AIA Affordable Green Guidelines; design/development matrix; access to services checklist; cost analyses checklist; guide to selecting the project architect; neighborhood context analysis worksheet; operation and maintenance checklist; site suitability test; user activity checklist. Resources includes excerpts from “Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice”; “Managing the Development Process”; full text of Materials Handbook.

All About Skyscrapers

Provides photo galleries, current project information, articles, tallest records and rankings.

All-Wright Site

Contains guide to Frank Lloyd Wright’s buildings; reviews of books about the famous architect; his bibliography and quotations; related links.

ArcData Online – GIS Data on the Web

Contains databases of Geographic Information Systems Maps. Users can search for maps by geographic area, data type and data provider. Some maps and data must be purchased.


International architectural database of built and unrealized projects by architects and planners, with focus on 20th Century architecture; can be searched by architect, city or keyword.


This Irish architectural portal provides links to Web sites of famous architects, architectural firms, international professional organizations, magazines. Includes illustrated archive of critical writing on architecture, design and related topics; architectural guides to European cities; listings of famous buildings and museums; discussion forums; guides and indices; competitions; green architecture resources. 

Can browse online architectural bookstore to find links to U.S. and international architectural magazines; accredited academic programs in architecture; online courses, archives and collections; architectural firm listings; famous architects; CAD resources; competitions, meetings and conventions. 

Architectural CADD Consultants 

Provides rankings of architectural CADD systems; reviews and articles; CADD term translator; links to CADD company Web sites. 

Architectural Index 

Provides index of architectural journal articles available online to subscribers. Can order hard copies of back issues online. Displays list of magazines in the database with publication dates; entries are from January 1982 to present. Archival data (1982-1988) is available free of charge. Can browse database by building type or subject; architect, designer or firm; location; author; magazine; date range; or keyword(s). 

Architectural Record

Can view features from current and prior issues; current news stories and other articles; departments; interviews; project profiles; awards; directory of architects; architect profiles; and career and professional development resources. Contains continuing education articles eligible for AIA Continuing Education credit, with reporting forms. Can view magazine index for the last eight years. Guide to Architectural Education lists U.S. programs accredited by the National Architectural Accreditation Board; provides links; name of dean; tuition; degree type; information about specialization, scholarships, accreditation.

Architectural Review 

Web site of a British architectural magazine. Contains current, upcoming and archival tables of contents and archival articles; emerging architecture archive; listings of upcoming exhibitions and competitions; online bookstore and book reviews; and discussion forum. Professional directory lists international journals and publishers; architecture and design firms; organizations; online directories; architectural photographers; museums and galleries. 

Architecture Image, Photo and Video Websites 

Provides links to architecture image collections and databases. 

Architecture Page

Includes articles about architectural projects, products, professionals.

Architecture Week

Weekly magazine of architecture and building. Visitors can view current issue’s news articles, features and departments; subscribe to receive news updates; search magazine archives and article library. Provides directory of architects, discussion forum, bookstore and classified ads. Includes calendar of architecture and design events, competitions and conferences.

Architype Review

Periodical focusing on innovation and sustainability in architecture. Provides project profiles by type and by architect; sustainable and innovative product profiles; listings of architectural competitions and job opportunities.


Information and networking portal for architects worldwide provides information about its members; newsletter; calendar of events. Can search for architects and projects by name, city, country or region; can search for jobs, training opportunities. Previously known as Archi-Europe, the site is expanding internationally.


Online resource for architectural interns and students. Contains architecture industry news and statistics; education, licensing and career guides; school and licensing board listings; scholarship links; internship information; topical forums; articles on education, internship, licensing and professional issues.


Contains galleries of architectural images and drawings; book reviews; images from art exhibits; and links to catalogs.


Web site developed by the Australian National University to showcase art and architecture, mostly from the Mediterranean Basin, Japan and India. Features surveys of Western, Mediterranean, Classical and Italian Renaissance architecture searchable by country, type or site. Provides museum and gallery exhibit images; texts of several classic architectural reference sources, including Stuart and Revett’s book with 357 images of the antiquities of Athens. More than 130,000 images are included.


Boston Society of Architects 

Web site of AIA’s largest chapter. Homeowner resources include Residential and Small Commercial Project Handbook; directories of architects and firms; “Guide to Consultants, Contractors, and Manufacturers.” Lists upcoming events, honors and lectures; design awards; continuing education opportunities; career resources; employment classifieds. 

Building Research Council, School of Architecture, University of Illinois

Lists professional publications, technical notes and research reports available for sale or free viewing.

Case Studies contains case studies in building technologies.


California, Berkeley, University of, College of Environmental Design, SPIRO (Slide and Photograph Image Retrieval Online)

Visitors can browse the online public access catalog of the Architecture Slide Library’s collection of more than 250,000 slides. Catalog can be browsed by historical period, place, personal name, object name, subject terms or source of image.

California Department of General Services, Office of Public School Construction

Prototype School Designs database includes planning program description, design information, construction data, site plans, floor plans, photos, CAD plan views, and school and architect contacts for selected California public schools. Includes architect submittal guidelines. Division of State Architect provides information and documents on universal design.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

Housing Industry Professionals and Community Groups provides Integrated Design Process Guide; articles on FlexHousing housing design and building approach that allows residents to convert space according to needs; Technical Series articles and design research reports, most available for free download; building and design guides available to purchase online. 

Carfree Cities proposes solutions to the problem of urban automobiles and gives examples of car-free cities past, present and future. Includes discussion forum, papers for free viewing, book listings, links. 

Center for Health Design

Includes articles on healthcare design, events calendar; offers design books for sale; posts job openings for architects; lists architects and other service providers.

Centre for Education in the Built Environment 

Housed at the Welsh School of Architecture, this research center focuses on architecture, town planning, landscape, building and surveying issues. Site contains information about center’s activities and projects; directory of online architectural resources worldwide organized by subject; working papers; case studies; news updates. 

Chicago Architectural Foundation

Lists current and upcoming competitions, education events, exhibits, architecture tours.

Collaborative for High Performance Schools 

School designer resources include training materials on daylighting, indoor air quality, materials, electric lighting and HVAC; Best Practices Design Manual is available to registered users. Lists characteristics of high performance high school design. 

Provides concrete safe room and retaining wall design tips; concrete fastening system tips; tips for working with concrete organized by project type. Contains information about concrete products and product performance; concrete slab pour and footing pour calculators; concrete estimating tips. 

Congress for the New Urbanism

Urban design movement that supports regional planning for open space, appropriate architecture and planning, balanced development of jobs and housing, affordable housing, control of urban sprawl, green building. Can browse member directory, project database, image bank. Includes reports; list of zoning and planning codes that support New Urbanism; archive of “CNU Update” since 1999. Members can view RFPs.

Construction Criteria Base

Extensive electronic library of construction guide specifications, manuals, standards and other criteria documents, published and updated continuously. Contains the complete unabridged, approved, current electronic equivalents of more than 10,000 construction criteria documents from participating federal agencies downloadable in .pdf format.

Corporate Design Foundation

Includes case studies; overview of design issues; full text issues of @issue Journal. Community lists design firms, with practice profiles.

Council of Educational Facility Planners International 

Can browse database of article abstracts from the Educational Facility Planner journal and order article reprints online. Can purchase Guide for Planning Educational Facilities, Guide for School Facility Appraisal, Space Planning Guidelines and other technical publications online. 

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat 

Can access High Rise Buildings Database, which includes data on thousands of tall buildings, including facts, statistics, specifications, visual images, video and listings of professional firms involved with specific buildings. Members have unlimited use of the database; non-members are granted restricted access. CTBUH Review Journal provides full text of current issue and downloadable versions of previous issues. Lists publications available for sale. Includes directory of engineers, architects and other professional firms searchable by firm name. 


Archive of documentation of some of the most famous cultural sites worldwide in digital format, including 3D models, dimensioned 2D drawings, animations.

Cyburbia: The Urban Planning Portal

Global planning portal. Includes planning, urbanism blogs; discussion forums; photo gallery of communities, projects; announcements of conferences, seminars, publication opportunities. PlanningWiki allows users to contribute to urban, town planning encyclopedia, glossary, resource guide, directory.


Death by Architecture

Provides dates, criteria, requirements, contacts and other information for international, regional and student architectural competitions; discussion forum on competitions. Lists upcoming conferences and exhibitions. Resources includes links to architectural professional organizations and journals worldwide; U.S. schools, firms and CAD resources. 

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Research lists publications on topics such as community development, design technology, manufactured housing; searchable bibliographical database contains abstracts of more than 10,000 research reports, articles and books on housing and community development.


Can browse directories of architecture, engineering, landscape and design professionals; view showroom directory organized by MasterFormat divisions.Resources lists associations; design centers; historical and preservation associations; and museums, all organized by state. Provides links to architecture portals, directories, competition calendars, bookstores, magazines, e-zines, continuing education opportunities and career portals.

Design Share

Provides resources for educational facilities design and planning. Lists design awards. Offers books on school facilities architecture and design for sale. Includes links to professional organizations and other online resources. Lists architectural, engineering, construction and planning firms specializing in educational facilities planning and construction.

Design Site

Reference site for architecture and design-related information and services. Can browse site index by topic. Online bookstore offers publications on architecture, interior design, urban design, other topics. Includes issues of online newsletter.

Digital Archive of American Architecture

Part of the Boston College Fine Arts Department’s Web site, this archive consists of nearly 1,500 digitized images of American architecture organized chronologically, tracing the development of architecture in the United States from the 17th Century to the present. The archive also can be searched by location, building type, architect or style.

Digital Imaging Project

Collection of digital images of sculpture and architecture from pre-historic to post-modern eras organized geographically, chronologically and by artist/architect’s name.

Diner City

Online guide to images of classic diners searchable by state or type, classic motels, cafes and coffee shops, drive-ins and hot dog stands, gas stations and even the Miami Beach Art Deco District. Includes a listing of diners for sale in the U.S. and recommended reading.



Contains industry news headlines; bulletin boards on Construction/Design-Build, Government Affairs, Specs and Documents, Regional/Urban Design, Codes and Standards, Salaries/Compensation, and other topics. Provides job postings and resume database. Can view classified ads containing private solicitations for projects and services or browse by category and region or state; view federal project leads. Can post project ads and job openings. Pierpoint Products lists building product manufacturers, with links to their Web sites; organized by MasterFormat category.

Emerging Construction Technologies

Presents emerging construction technologies for civil, including building systems, composite materials, concrete, equipment, methods, demolition, foundations, masonry, roofing, steel, structural connections, trenchless technologies; mechanical, including air distribution, heat generation, HVAC equipment, pipe, plumbing fixtures and equipment, refrigeration equipment and welding; Internet-based; electrical; and safety engineering disciplines. Contains fact sheets for each technology describing the need, the technology, the benefits, the status, the barriers, points of contact and references.

Emporis Building Database

Informational portal for the tall building industry. Company Database lists consultant, construction, design, engineering, financial and property management companies. Image Database contains images of tall buildings worldwide. Contains high-rise building statistics, diagrams; list of world’s 200 tallest skyscraper, with statistics; tall building construction status; and map of world’s tallest buildings, by country and city, with data and statistics.

Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Includes information about the foundation; Frank Lloyd Wright’s bibliography; list of buildings; information about Taliesin and Taliesin West; list of sites open for public tours; information about archives and collections.

Georgia, University of, School Design and Planning Laboratory

Contains links to research abstracts, full-text research reports, literature reviews, examples of educational specifications, Web sites, and other research resources on school design and construction. – Online Construction Costs for Contractors

Allows users to obtain estimates of labor and material costs for residential, commercial or industrial construction projects. Online databases contain estimating reference data from manuals published by Craftsman Books Co., including “National Construction Estimator,” “National Electrical Estimator,” “National Painting Cost Estimator,” “National Plumbing and HVAC Estimator,” “National Renovation and Insurance Repair Estimator” and “National Repair and Remodeling Estimator.” Manuals are searchable by keyword or subject index. Contains information to assist in estimating the cost of construction materials and labor crew rates in and calculating required man-hours. QuickCalculator tools help with estimating quantities required for bearing walls, roof trusses and joist systems.

Getty Research Institute Vocabulary Databases

Contains the Art and Architecture Thesaurus, a vocabulary of art and architecture terms; the Union List of Artist Names (ULAN) vocabulary of names and biographical information about artists and architects; the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names, a vocabulary of geographic names, including vernacular and historical names, focusing on places important for the study of art and architecture.

Great Buildings Online

This is a gateway to architecture from around the world and across history. The Great Buildings Online documents hundreds of buildings and leading architects with 3D models, photographic images and architectural drawings, plus commentaries, bibliographies and Web links for famous designers and structures of all kinds. Search by name of architect, building or place; building type; or architectural style.


Collaborative publication and Web site of BuildingGreen and Architectural Record is dedicated to green and sustainable architecture, design, building. Can view news stories; project profiles; articles on design, technology innovation, products; blogs; event listings.


High Performance Schools New Jersey

Developed and maintained by the Center for Architecture and Building Science Research at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Contains performance objectives; index of design criteria, including standards references, articles, links; “21st Century Schools Design Manual.” Offers online training.

How to Research an Architectural Structure: A Research Guide

This guide, part of the New York Public Library Web site, reviews tools and strategies for architectural research and provides bibliographic references.


Illinois Capital Development Board

Provides information about Art-in-Architecture Program with photos of artwork and contact information for interested artists.

Institute for Research in Construction

Maintained by the National Research Council of Canada, this site offers building product evaluations and resources on construction innovation, structures, building envelopes, risk management, codes and business opportunities. Can browse IRC publications database since 1947; order Canada’s national construction codes and other publications online; download construction industry technical articles and reports free of charge. Canadian Construction Materials Centre contains articles on building and infrastructure technologies; registry of building product evaluations; evaluation services information and online application. Provides updates and reports on research activities. Current and future research projects are listed to solicit participation and/or collaboration of interested organizations. Provides links to national and international construction research organizations worldwide.

Institute of Classical Architecture

Includes Classical Architecture handbook; events and awards list; bulletin board.

Institute of Destination Architects and Designers

Institute Publications contains technical articles and design handbook.

Institute of Noise Control Engineering

Includes classification of subjects; glossary of noise control terms; order and subscription information for technical books and periodicals; and sample listing of patents related to noise and vibration.

International Archive of Women in Architecture

A joint project of the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and the University Libraries at Virginia Tech, this collection contains professional papers of women architects, landscape architects, designers, urban planners, architectural historians and critics, and the records of women’s architectural organizations from around the world. Visitors can browse bibliographical database that provides personal and professional background information and lists publications, projects and awards.

International Code Council 

Building Standards Online includes building valuation data representing average costs for most buildings. 

International Confederation of Architectural Museums

Lists member architectural museums and institutes by country.

International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction

Contains information about building and construction research; searchable database of publications; recent publications available for download or for order; recent issues of CIB Information Bulletin. Lists member organizations; upcoming conferences; links to construction journals and publications. Priority Themes lists publications, documents, links, contacts on issues of sustainable construction, performance-based building, revaluing construction.

International Union of Architects 

Lists architecture museums; architecture journals; architectural events worldwide. Lists worldwide architectural competitions since 1975, with results. Can download architectural publications. 


Contains industry news and articles; product directories; calendar of training, certification, professional events; directories of landscape architects; contractors; maintenance companies; erosion control, irrigation, lighting consultants; pool contractors; arborists.

Libris Design

Library planning information system. Includes facility planning documents; list of recently constructed California public libraries; message board; user help documentation; Libris Design database, which can be used to create library building program cost estimates, plan renovations, produce budgets for library building projects, tailor generic library models for specific projects.

Lighting Research Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s School of Architecture

University-based center for lighting education and research. Demonstration and Evaluation of Lighting Technologies and Applications (DELTA) program, which designs, evaluates and publicizes energy-efficient lighting solutions, contains newsletters and portfolios. Daylight Dividends program includes technical reviews.Resource Collection contains database of conference papers organized by lighting topic. Lighting Futures quarterly on advances in lighting technologies, provides current and archival feature articles. National Lighting Product Information Program contains manufacturer-specific performance reports on efficient lighting products. 


Magic of America

Online version of the 1,400-page chronicle of architectural history and theory that has loyal following among historians and design professionals, completed by the staff of the Art Institute of Chicago. Manuscript never was published, and only three copies of it survived. “The Magic of America” was started in the 1940s by Marion Mahony Griffin, who worked closely with Frank Lloyd Wright.

Minnesota, University of, College of Design

Metropolitan Design Center contains Design Assistance brochure; overview of projects; Community Redesign Handbook; other handbooks and technical reports on community development, design, growth and planning. Offers Certificate in Metropolitan Design. Lists upcoming events and exhibitions; regional technical assistance resources in housing, transportation and environment. Center for Rural Design lists current, past and future research projects; includes downloadable land planning publications and presentations. Center for Changing Landscapes lists research projects and courses.

Mississippi State University School of Architecture 

Describes research activities of the school’s design centers. Small Town Center describes current and recent projects in planning, design, housing and environment; lists center publications; provides links to guidelines. Design Research and Informatics Lab describes research projects in software development.Educational Design Institute provides research project design guidelines. Jackson Community Design Center describes research projects. 

National Association of Home Builders 

Especially for Builders contains publications and resources on energy, green building and other issues. University of Housing online catalog lists courses for architects, designers, planners and other professionals; provides online registration. Economic and Housing Data contains data on housing design and consumer preferences. 

National Association of Independent Schools

Resources and Statistics contains school planning and design articles, case studies; directory of consultants and companies in architecture, construction management, facilities management, planning.

National Building Museum

Private, nonprofit institution created by Congress that promotes American achievements in architecture, design, engineering and construction through exhibitions, education programs and publications. Visitors can view current magazine features; magazine archives; list of education programs; information about collections and exhibits; online exhibits. Can register for lectures and symposia.

National CAD Standard

Uniform design document system. Consists of American Institute of Architect’s CAD Layer Guidelines, Construction Specification Institute’s Uniform Drawing System (Modules 1-8) and the Plotting Guidelines; part of the BuildingSmartAlliance of the National Institute of Building Sciences. Provides information about National CAD Standard; FAQs; guidelines for implementing standard; user forums; ordering information; list of adopting businesses, government agencies; news and events calendar; contact information.

National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities

Includes information and reference resources for planning, designing, building and maintaining K-12 schools. Resource Lists provides links to references, articles, documents and other resources on school size; safety and security; classroom acoustics; building and renovation; disaster planning; playgrounds; high performance schools; construction costs; and educational specifications. Contains gallery of award-winning school design projects. Also provides links to related professional organizations, federal programs and agencies, state resources, academic research centers, periodicals, construction data.

National Institute of Building Sciences 

Provides links to councils, committees, programs, projects; information about subscribing to the Construction Criteria Database, a collection of more than 12,000 documents used in construction, including guide specifications; information about ordering the National CAD Standard. Building Enclosure Technology and Environment Council offers publications on asbestos and lead hazards, controls, metric design, building envelopes, school design; model specifications; design guides; model facilities maintenance service contracts. Includes current and archival issues of Building Sciences Newsletter. Indoor Environmental Qualityincludes report with chapters on Operations and Maintenance, Designated Cleaner Air Rooms, Design and Construction, Building Products and Materials.

National Park Service, Heritage Preservation Services 

Historic Buildings Program provides preservation briefs, technical notes, Web classes, rehabilitation guides, checklists, information about grants and tax credits. 

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Provides directory of National Trust tours, historic places and hotels; current issue of Preservation Online magazine. Advocacy provides overview of advocacy issues; preservation law glossary; guide to preservation easements and model historic easement; recent legislative developments. Lists preservation books for sale; provides directory of regional, state, local offices; overview of issues; preservation news; historic lists; event and training listings. Funding includes National Trust’s Historic Building information sheet; list of state tax incentives by state; links to National Trust funding resources; hurricane recovery updates.

Net Resources: Architecture and Building

Compilation of architecture, building and construction, design, housing, planning, preservation, facility management, energy, environment and landscape architecture resources organized topically. Listings include Web sites, discussion groups, electronic publications and databases.

New York at Buffalo, State University of, Urban Design Project

Offers services, teaching and research in urban design. Provides information about research projects and activities. Lists publications for order or download, including downloadable Lower West Side Design Guidelines.

North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, School Planning Section

Prototype School Design Clearinghouse is a database of North Carolina school design and construction information organized by type of school, which retrieves school information, architect(s) and design consultants, construction costs, building area data, construction information, floor plan, site plan and photos. Provides design and construction handbooks; public school facilities guidelines; safe schools facilities planner; school science facilities planner; other school facility planners; public playground safety handbook; design book for school food service; revised bid and construction laws for public schools; planning guides and forms; school space profiles; school construction cost data; and drawing templates. 


Occupational Outlook Handbook: Architects

Published by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this handbook contains a job outlook though 2008 and an overview of what an architect’s career entails, including the nature of work, working conditions, employment, training and qualifications, earnings.

Open Architecture Network

Worldwide humanitarian design portal provides case studies of existing projects, including emergency housing and irrigation programs; allows designers and architects to critique peer work and develop social network online. Can browse projects by status, region and location, or theme. Resources includes construction methods, financing, best practices, design processes.

Open Directory Project: Arts and Crafts

Links to information about artists and architects, bibliographies, publications, directories, photo galleries and other resources about the Arts and Crafts movement.



Contains searchable directory of planning consultants; job listings in planning; articles on planning issues; planning and development industry news; top 50 Web sites and top book lists; online AICP exam preparation course; announcements of RFPs, training and events; discussion forums.


Can view abstracts or summaries of current and archival articles from the Planning Commissioners’ Journal; can download free of charge selected articles on zoning laws, transportation, comprehensive plans, environment and other topics. Includes school planning resource page; monthly tips for planning commissioners; results of planning board composition survey; planning board agenda resource page; image gallery; topical indexes; planning industry news, job postings, event listings; links directory.

Prairie Style

Online museum of the Prairie School of Architecture contains photographic images, architect biographies and photos of their commissions.

Provides links to preservation organizations, downtown and mainstreet organizations, state historic preservation offices; directory of companies and suppliers by service type; architectural style guide; historic preservation training and conferences; historic real estate listings; directory of historic tours, houses and theaters; preservation books for sale.

Princeton Architectural Press 

The Web site of this architecture, design and landscape book publisher also is an online bookstore that can be browsed by author, title or subject. 

Pritzker Architectural Prize 

Web site for the “Nobel Prize of Architecture” lists winners of the prize since 1979, with a photo gallery of the designs of each one, a biography of the architect, an essay on the architecture and the citation to each of the winners of the prize, describing the reasons why they were chosen. 

Project for Public Spaces

Organization dedicated to creating and sustaining public spaces. Provides directory of current projects involving parks, transportation, buildings, markets, campuses, with documents, diagrams, photos. Includes articles, papers, guidebooks, newsletter archive, image gallery, other resources.

Public Library Space Needs: A Planning Outline

Provides full text of “Public Library Space Needs: A Planning Outline” published by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.


School Design Research Studio

Promotes collaboration in planning, design and management of educational environments. Contains research project profiles, articles, presentations, case studies, links to energy design guidelines for high performance schools. Offers courses on design and building technology.

Can search directory of school project files that include photos, project descriptions and plans for schools that have been featured in American School and University’s Architectural Portfolio and Educational Interiors Showcase issues. Can browse directory of design professionals by location and profession.Construction Guide includes construction reports, cost studies, articles.

International not-for-profit group that consolidates and shares expertise in transitional settlement and shelter needs of displaced populations around the world. Provides technical guidelines for transitional settlements, shelters, cold climate shelter systems; technical document library; images; links.

Skyscraper Museum 

Includes images of New York and Chicago jumbo and super-jumbo buildings; tallest buildings worldwide built since 1950; and all buildings from 1890 to the present that were the tallest buildings in the world when they were built. Included with the images are descriptions of the buildings, technical information, the architect(s) and a short history of each building. Provides exhibition highlights, archive of events, Web projects. 

Contains diagrams of tall buildings under construction, recently built or destroyed; tall buildings in New York, Chicago, Hong Kong; searchable database of buildings by name, location, age, height, other criteria; tall building profiles by country and city; photo gallery; discussion forum. 

Smart Growth Online 

Provides extensive links to documents and resources on green design, historic preservation, environment, smart growth, housing development, better development practices, brownfields redevelopment. Resources includes municipal land development ordinances, codes, statutes, fact sheets, guidebooks and other documents. Lists events. 

Society of Architectural Historians 

Contains tables of contents for current and archival journal issues; Guide to Graduate Programs in Architectural History; large list of doctoral dissertations relating to American architectural history, underway or recently completed, with contact e-mail addresses for some; architectural image exchange information; links to surveys of world and American architecture; famous architects’ biographies. Lists American architectural competitions; activities that count toward AIA continuing education credit. Provides guidelines for architectural historians testifying on the historical significance of properties; information about book awards and fellowships, with application forms; links. 

South Florida, University of, Florida Center for Community Design and Research

Provides papers, reports, presentations on urban design, planning, architecture, affordable housing, environmental issues. Describes projects in Community Design, Planning Informatics and Decision Support, Urban and Regional Policy Program, Education.


Provides white papers on architecture, sustainable design and project managemen

Structurae, International Database and Gallery of Structures 

Contains database of built structures and large construction projects searchable by name, designer, construction firm or location; provides historical and technical information, images and links. Contains directory of designers, design and engineering firms; database of journals of architecture and structural engineering searchable by name or country of publication; building products directory. 


Tenant Development Handbook

Includes full text of the handbook, provided by Carter & Burgess.

Texas at Austin, University of, School of Architecture

Provides full text of articles from archival issues of the Planning Forum. Center for Sustainable Development includes information about research activities; provides articles, discussion papers and student research papers for download. Center for American Architecture and Design lists publications for sale.

Texas A&M University, College Station 

CRS Center for Leadership and Management in the Design and Construction Industry at the College of Architecture includes full text of research publications; archive bibliography of print, photo, audio and other media; lists upcoming lectures. 

The City Review 

Web site dedicated to art and architecture of the New York City. Contains articles and essays on buildings, art and architecture exhibitions and events, artists, architects; includes book reviews. 

ToolBase Services: The Home Building Industry’s Technical Information Resource 

Land Use contains articles on land use guidelines, legislation and recommended practices. New Building Technologies contains documents, technical reports and information on technological innovations for building components. Includes green building resources; structural design guides available for sale. Technology Inventory indexes housing industry technological innovations alphabetically and by category. 

Traditional Building 

Gateway to hundreds of suppliers of traditionally styled products and related services. These products are appropriate for restoration and renovation of older structures as well as traditionally styled new buildings. Contains monthly product report archive and database of free product literature. More Resources provides Traditional Building Magazine articles under the category. 



Online database of building details and construction information for residential, commercial, high-rise buildings in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary that provides photos, technical details, media, reference materials.

Urban Land Institute

Provides case studies of projects in development and on smart growth; information on winners of awards for excellence. Includes real estate data; list of information packets available for sale; organizational and continuing education information; and online forum. Bookstore offers real estate development and finance publications for sale. Current, past issues of Urban Land, Land Use Digest and Finance Trends, other publications; industry directories; and Buyers’ Guide are available to members only. Meetings and Education lists study tours, training programs, district council meetings, national meetings.

U.S. Conference of Mayors

Reports & Publications contains national report on Brownfields Redevelopment. Can search Best Practices database by keyword to find reports and publications.

U.S. Geological Survey National Mapping Information 

Contains online maps and other products; information on obtaining maps, atlases, aerial photographs, satellite imagery, global land information, hydrography information and other USGA products; geographic data. 


Van Alen Institute 

An architectural institution with the mission of improving public realm design; implements its programs in the New York metropolitan region. Can view competitions, exhibitions, forums, publications and workshops; contains order form for publications. Architecture on the Web

Online guide to academic and research resources in architecture. Contains index of famous architects with links to biographical data and works; index of architectural historians; images and resources organized by architectural style and by city; links to schools, magazines and architects’ sites worldwide organized by country; links to architectural archives; image galleries; other online directories.


Washington, University of, Libraries, Digital Collections, Cities and Buildings Database

Collection of digitized images of buildings and cities worldwide; can be searched by country, city, style, title, architect, dates and other fields.

World Interior Design Network

Collection of resources for interior design industry. Includes news organized by topic, newsletter, recent projects, new products, commentary, blog. Buyers’ Guidelists manufacturers by category; provides contact information. 

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