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Jaipur Building (Bye Laws)Acts and Regulations

Building Bye Laws are tools used to regulate coverage, height, building bulk and architectural design and construction aspects of buildings so as to achieve orderly development of an area within a city/state.

These are formulated and implemented by local authorities for application within their respective limits. Each local Authority follows the Municipality Act for its area. Building Bye Laws are essentially based on the National Building Code. Local government authorities have the power to implement and enforce these procedures.

Latest updates (amendments)of JDA Building Byelaws (September 2013) : Amendments in JDA building byelaws September 2013 :

Updates (amendments) of JDA Building Byelaws (August 2013) : Amendments in JDA building byelaws August 2013…. 

Reserved price for schemes and colonies decided by the Authority under Urban Land Disposal Rules,(working Committee Development Authority Jaipur held on 27-11-2009). : Reserved prices for schemes and colonies. …. 

Building By-Laws (Regulations) 2010 by Jaipur Development Authority (Jaipur Region) : Building By-Laws 2010 by JDA 

Policy Regarding Regularization of Non-Residential Activities in Residential Premises : Policy Regarding Regularization of Non-Residential Activities in Residential Premises….

The Master Development Plan for Jaipur Region prepared for the horizon year 2025 covers all aspects of development including transportation, infrastructure (sewer, drainage, water and electricity), environmental protection, and land uses (residential, commercial, industrial, recreational, etc.) : Master Development Plan 2025 ….

Standard Drawings of Root Water Harvesting Structure (RWHS) : Root Water Harvesting Structure (RWHS)….

PWD BSR (Building Schedule Rate) 2010 Jaipur Buildings : PWD BSR 2010 ….

Jaipur BSR (Electrical)2008 : BSR Electrical 2008….

National Building Space Standards and Planning Guidelines

Office spaces are an environment in which people spend a large part of their day for productive work. The entire work space should bring out the best in people, in addition to being easily accessible to all, self-sustaining and efficient in energy and water use. Safety is another issue that needs to be taken care of.

With the advancement of technological options now available, a need was felt to prepare a Handbook, which will give us an overview about the new possibilities that have emerged. This publication then, is an initiative towards creating a user-friendly work space, that is modern sustainable and productive.

A Handbook of Planning of Office Buildings ….

Research, evaluation study and updated Model Building Bye Laws to make all public buildings ‘inclusive’ including disabled persons.

This research and building standards and regulations is intended for reference by decision makers and programme personnel working on public buildings, especially those in urban planning and management, architecture, reasearch and training, and NGO networking. Self help organizations of persons with disabilities and accessibility consultants will also find this research and revised building standards and regulations useful.

Space Standards and Planning Guidelines for Public Buildings….

National Building Standards, Codes and Bye-Laws

National Building Code NBC 2005 : NBC 2005 ….

Rules and Regulations for clearance certificate from National Highway Authority Of India : National Highway Authority Of India ….

ITK-BMTPC Earthquake Tips:: Learning Seismic Design and Construction. In all 24 Tips has been released and is targeted at persons interested in building construction. The Tips cover topics such as basic introduction to earthquakes and terminology such as magnitude and intensity, concepts of earthquake resistant design, and aspects of a seismic design and construction of buildings. : ITK-BMTPC Earthquake Tips….

Environmental Clearance

The objectives of the Notification dated 15th September 2006 is to set procedures of environmental clearance before establishment of a project of identified nature and size. The suitability of site for a proposed development is` one of primary concerns in according environmental clearance to a project. This will include detailed examination of the nature of receptors and magnitude of anticipated impact on account of the proposed project.

Environment clearance (MOEF)….

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Guidance Manual for building, construction, townships and area development projects. EIA is to give the environment its due place in the decision-making process by clearly evaluating the environmental consequences of the proposed activity before action is taken. Early identification and characterization of critical environmental impacts allow the public and the government to form a view about the environmental acceptability of a proposed developmental project and what conditions should apply to mitigate or reduce those risks and impacts. Environmental Clearance (EC) for certain developmental projects has been made mandatory by the Ministry of Environment & Forests (MOEF) through its Notification issued on 27.01.1994 under the provisions of Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

Environmental Impact Assessment Guidance (MOEF) ….

Green and Sustainable Building Accreditation Agency

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. It works toward its mission of market transformation through its LEED green building program.

Green Building Accreditation Agency….

AICTE rule and regulations for setting new college

All India Council for Technical Education (Grant of Approvals for technical institutions)1st Amendment regulations 2011

Amendment regulations ….

These regulations may be called the All India Council for Technical Education (Grant of Approvals for technical institutions)regulations. Corrigendum on Regulations of 2011

Corrigendum on Regulations ….

Regulations for Approval Process 2011 – 2012 Part III dated 18.09.2000

Regulations for Approval Process ….

AICTE (Grant of approval for starting new technical institutions, introduction of courses or programmes and approval of intake capacity of seats for the courses or programmes) Amendment Regulations, 2000

AICTE Amendment Regulations, 2000 ….

Standards / Guidelines for Health care buildings (Hospitals, Clinic, PHC)

Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) Guidelines for District Hospitals (101 to 500 Bedded) Revised 2012 : IPHS Guidelines for District Hopsitals ….

Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) Guidelines for Primary Health Centre Revised 2012 : IPHS Guidelines for Primary Health Centre ….

Architects Acts and Regulations

The Architects Act, 1972. An Act to provide for the registration of architects and for matters connected therewith. BE it enacted by Parliament in the Twenty-third Year of the Republic of India as follows : The Architects Act, 1972 ….

Council Of Architecture Regulations, 1982. In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (1) read with clauses (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f) and (i) of sub-section (2) of section 45 of the Architects Act, 1972 (20 of 1972), the Council of Architecture, with the approval of the Central Government, hereby makes the following regulations : Council Of Architecture Regulations, 1982 ….

Architecture Sites

BMTPC has been working towards operationalising a comprehensive and integrated approach for promotion of cost-effective, environment-friendly & energy-efficient innovative building materials and construction technologies. The technologies promoted by BMTPC were supported by upscaling, mechanization, standardization, dissemination, capacity building and field level application. The efforts of BMTPC are concentrated for creating enabling environment as regards affordable housing and sustainable development.

Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council ….

American Institute of Architects: American Institute of Architects ….

The Indian Institute of Architects: The Indian Institute of Architects ….

Online Architecture Directory ….

Architectural Association School of Architecture : Architectural Association School of Architecture ….

Architectural Information ….

Archiplanet : Archiplanet ….

Great Buildings Online : Great Buildings Online ….

The Royal Australian Institute of Architects : The Royal Australian Institute of Architects ….

‘Whole Building’ Design Techniques and Technologies: ‘Whole Building’ Design Techniques and Technologies ….

Louis Kahn – The Power of Architecture ….

Climate – Building interaction study : Climate – Building interaction study ….

Resources, Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical Applications

Resources, Basic Information for Engineering and Design of Technical Applications ….

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