Works of Louis Sullivan, Frank L Wright, Walter Gropius, Mies Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier.  Expressionism, PostModernism , Deconstructivism, Brutalism.

Concise Presentations

Louis Sullivan

Frank L Wright

Walter Gropius

Mies Van der  Rohe

Le Corbusier

Maison La Roche-Jeanneret, Villa Stein, Villa at Carthage, Villa Savoye


Architect : Erno Goldfinger , Louis Kahn,



Bruno Taut’s Alpine Architecture , Hermann Finsterlin’s Formspiels, Erich Mendelsohn  

Post Modernism

Charles Moore, Robert Venturi, Philippe Johnson, Hans Hollein, James Stirling


Bernhard Tschumi, Zaha Hadid, Peter Eisenman, Rem Koolhaas

Circulation Elements   Circulation elements, The building approach, The building entrance,Configuration of path, the sequence of space Path & space relationship, edges , nodes and termination of path, Form of the circulation space, corridor , balconies , galleries , stairs , rooms.  

Principles of Architecture

Scale and Proportion system (Golden Ratio 1.618), axis , symmetry , hierarchy , rhythm , datum and transformation.

Interdependence in Architecture

Interdependence of form , function , space and structure (materialization) Structural Requirements,Structure Types, Post and Beam Structures, Arches and Vaulted Halls,Domes, Portal Frames,Trusses,Space Frames,Folded Roofs,Shells, Tensile Structures, Design Strategies,Selection Of The Generic Type Of Structure, Selection Of Structural Material.

Elements Of Design

Points , Line, Plane etc.

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