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Architecture Community Forum
FDA Forum

FDArchitects Forum is an independent platform for everyone interested in sharing knowledge, insights, facts, images and above all enthusiasm about the built environment. Everything that makes our cities interesting is part of our scope. It is sustained by a great number of staffers and students from all over the world who help managing and moderating the forums.

Harshita Interior and Lighting Solutions
LED Lighting

We are Interior Consultants and specialised lighitng consultants. We have the latest range of all LED products including LED Tubelights,LED Down Lights, LED Panel Lights (both Square and Round), LED Concealed Lights, LED Cove Lights, LED Street Lights, LED Flood Lights,LED Bulbs, Concealed Panel, Surface Panel, LED Wall Washer, LED Strips,etc

Theory of Architectural Design

Works of Louis Sullivan, Frank L Wright, Walter Gropius, Mies Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier.     Principles of Architecture, Expressionism, PostModernism , Deconstructivism, Brutalism, Circulation elements, Interdependence in Architecture.

Construction and Building Materials

The Understanding and Application of Basic Building Materials like Stone, Brick, Cement, Mud,Lime, Glass, Timber, Wall and Wood finishing, Paint and pop, Damp and water insulation materials, Thermal(heat) and (acoustics)sound insulation, Fire Proof finishing materials, Hardware, Plastics, Ply and Board, Termite Treatment, Ferrous and non ferrous Metals and alloys and their IS codes.

Consultants, Suppliers,   Contractors

This directory can be used to make a quick decision before you buy or recommend a building material. It can save time and increase your effieciency.

FD Resource Links

"A Handbook of Planning of Office Buildings" to encourage the Planners and Architects about Whole Building Design Approach while under taking Architectural Design of Office Buildings.

A Handbook of Planning of Office Buildings ....

Research, evaluation study and updated Model Building Bye Laws to make all public buildings 'inclusive' including disabled persons.

Space Standards and Planning Guidelines for Public Buildings....

Latest updates (amendments)of JDA Building Byelaws (September 2013)

Amendments in JDA building byelaws September 2013

Updates (amendments)of JDA Building Byelaws (August 2013)

Amendments in JDA building byelaws August 2013

These links can be used to refer to Jaipur Building Byelaws and other laws, notifications, circulars and relevant extracts.

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